• Persimmon Leaf Tisane (Caffei ne Free)
    20g, 30g, 80g canister
    Abundant in vitamins A and C, Persimmon Leaf Tisane is harvested from wild trees found in remote valleys deep in the mountains in early June. Like a familiar childhood blanket that envelopes you with its rich bouquet of comforting warmth, this tisane will help soothe away the strains of everyday life. Sweet at first , the tea rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish.
  • Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane (Caffeine Free)
    20g, 30g canister
    A bright golden infusion, the color of the liquor reflects its sunny flavor profile-crisp and clear with a delicate hint of mint. Enjoy the beauty of spring at any time as you watch the blossoms bloom in your cup.
  • Mulberry Leaf Tisane (Caffeine Free)
    20g, 40g canister
    When drinking this mild herbal infusion, you can feel the tisane soothingly coat your stomach and warmth entering the center of your body. The mellow notes of toasted grains with a hint of sweetness will remind you of the steadfast and reassuring friendships with bosom friends who have laughed and cried with you throughout the times.