How to prepare elegant  Malcha

  • 01

    Preheat chawan (tea bowl) with boiling water. Moisten the chasen (tea whisk) and discard water.

  • 02

    Scoop 2g of malcha (powdered green tea) and add 50cc (approximately 1 teacup) of hot water.

  • 03

    Hold the bowl firmly with your left hand and whisk with the chasen from left to right to form frothy bubbles.

  • 04

    Hold the chasen in the middle of the foam, lest you disturb it, and slowly remove the whisk.

Recommendations for Tea Storage
Cans, pewter or ceramic containers, and sealed aluminum foil packages allow for an ideal airtight storage of tea leaves. It is best to store the container in a place that is dry and away from sunlight. If the original tea packaging has not been opened, storing the tea in the refrigerator is good. However, after opening the original can or foil packaging it is best to avoid storing the tea in the refrigerator with other food products.
※ Always remember to place your chasen on the holder to ensure that it holds its shape after proper cleaning.